April 1st: $50 Cash - BROCKE PETERDOZZI  (Sold by: Olivia Eldred)

April 1st: Two (2) Bradley Playhouse Tickets -KATIE CUSHING (Sold by: Liv Cushing)

April 2nd: $15 iTunes - PAIGE BATTENCOURT (Sold by: Faith Douglin)

April 2nd: $15 Dunkin Donuts - VICTORIA BONNEAU(Sold by: Victoria Bonneau)

April 3rd:$30 Divine Nails + Hair Spa - ALYSSA JALBERT (Sold By: Becky Jalbert)

April 4th:$15 McDonalds - Christine Petkus (Sold By: Emma Raps)

April 4th:$25 iTunes - Desiress Deliz (Sold by: Olivia Delisle)

April 5th:4 Tickets to Hanover Theatre Silent Film - Jen Collette(Sold By: Emma Raps)

April 5th:$25 Cash - Victoria Garbulewska (Sold By: Victoria Garbulewska)

April 6th:$50 Amazon.com - Lynn Goodell (Sold By: Brooke Goodell)

April 6th:$25 Northeast Pizza - Gordon Cook (Sold BY: Haleigh Creighton)

April 7th:$60 Mohegan Bowl 2 Hr. Family Pkg. - Rhonda Tanner (Sold By: Jocelyn Evans)

April 8th:$25 Younique by Cindy Raps - Bev Drohan (Sold By: Addison Aho)

April 8th: $25 Cash - Dana Blevins (Sold By: Emma + olivia Panczyk)

April 9th:$30 Visa - Jeanelle Acosta-Roldan (Sold By: Kalisa roldan)

April 10th:$25 PT Pet Supply - Scarlett Murphy (Sold by: Mandy Croteau)

April 11th:$75 Portraits by Sue BrayDanielle Garvey (Sold by: Leah Garvey)

April 12th:$25 THompson House of Pizza - Marisa Sciaraffa (Sold By: Olivia Delisle)

April 12th:  $25 Chelo's Leslie McDevitt (Sold By: Autumn Palmer)
April 13th: 
$50 Lularoe by Amanda Andrade - Irene DiPadua (Sold By: Addison Aho)

April 14th:  $150 Bounce House Rental from A Bounce Above - Wu Ling (Sold by: Olivia Macek)

April 15th:  $25 Mexicali - Kim Adams (Sold By: Kortnie Adams)

April 15th:  $10 Sully's Dog Shack - Gretchen Heckler (Sold by: Emma + Olivia Panczyk)

April 16th:$25 Webster Lake Gifts - Kristy Reed (Sold by: Ayla + Mia Reed)

April 17th:$25 Google Play - Tom Boyd (Sold By: Lee Boyd)

APril 17th:$15 Panera Bread - Michelle Paul

April 18th:$25 Younique by Cindy RapsAshley Fasshauer (Sold By: Kamryn Fasshauer)

April 18th:$10 Dairy Queen - Nancy LaFramboise (Sold By: Emma Raps)

April 19th:$25 PureHaven by Melinda Mulry - Marie DeJesus (Sold By: Emma Raps)

April 19th:$25 Lake Pizza - Robert Locke (Sold By: Abigail Hoyt)

April 20th:$25 Cash - WEndy Kalwarczyk (Sold By: Eliza Kalwarczyk)

April 20th:$25 88's Bistro - Sadie Rybacki (Sold By: Emma Raps)

April 21st:$50 Pointe Breeze - Pam Katinas (Sold By: Emma & Olivia Panczyk)

April 21st:$50 Sue Bray - Felicia Kolodziejczak (Sold By: Olivia Eldred)

April 22nd:$50 Alert Driving Academy - Ann Scheffler (Sold By: Emma Raps)

April 23rd:$25 Trader Joe's - Laurie Kenon (Sold By: Sonsearae Sawyer)

April 23rd:$15 Cold Stone Ice Cream - Andrea Erkoc (Sold By: Ava Erkoc)

April 24th:$25 Bell's Lawn & Garden - Tracy Lavallee (Sold by: Abigail Mulry)

MANY THANKS to all of our dancers, studio families and friends - as well as our donors - who participated in this year's annual Calendar Fundraiser!  We wish everyone the best of luck in winning!  Winners will be announced via our website below as well as on our Facebook page.  Our office will contact the winners directly to arrange for pick-up.  Congratulations to our winners!

2018 Calendar Fundraiser Winners