The Dancer's Sole Dance Companyis a hand-selected group of elite dancers who:

  • present proficiency in dance techniques & interpretation of choreography within annual Auditions & previous classes
  • engage their performance quality within each style of dance/routine
  • display a well-rounded knowledge of dance terminology & technique execution
  • participate in required dance activities & performances, both inside & outside of the studio
  • commit to their dance requirements first & foremost, including but not limited to: weekly classes (competitive routine classes AND technique classes);  additional rehearsal times; competitions; fundraising events; public events (i.e. parades, festivals, etc.)

TDS 2019-2020 Company Info

2020 TDS Competition Dates + Locations

*Company Families: Please see your Company Meeting Packets for Comp. Rates & More Info*

* Beyond The Stars - MANDATORY for Company Solos, Duos & Groups^

                        (^except Mini Co. Hip-Hop)   
Temporarily Postponed
  Where: South High Community High School, 170 Apricot Street, Worcester MA
      Payment Deadline to TDS: Monday, November 18th, 2019


* Elite Dance Challenge - MANDATORY for Company Solos, Duos & Groups
Temporarily Postponed
      Where: North High School, 140 Harrington Way, Worcester MA
      Payment Deadline to TDS: Monday, March 2nd, 2020