Addison Aho

Adrianna Burdick

Hope Cooper

Kylee Croteau

Mandy Croteau

Liv Cushing

Quinn Cushing

Jocelyn Evans

Louisa Foisy

Victoria Garbulewska

Leah Garvey

Alyson Gering

Hayley Giroux

Brooke Goodell

Abigail Hoyt

Rebecca Jalbert

Eliza Kalwarczyk

Lexani Lewis

Jessica Lorkiewicz

Sierra Mainville

Virginia Mayville

Abigail Mulry

Autumn Palmer

Emma Panczyk

Olivia Panczyk

Autumn Palmer

Emma Raps

Eleanor Susienka

Jillian Trevaloni

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The Dancer's Sole Dance Companyis a hand-selected group of elite dancers who:

  • present proficiency in dance techniques & interpretation of choreography within annual Auditions & previous classes
  • engage their performance quality within each style of dance/routine
  • display a well-rounded knowledge of dance terminology & technique execution
  • participate in required dance activities & performances, both inside & outside of the studio
  • commit to their dance requirements first & foremost, including but not limited to: weekly classes (competitive routine classes AND technique classes);  additional rehearsal times; competitions; fundraising events; public events (i.e. parades, festivals, etc.)

TDS 2018-2019 Dance Company

Congratulations to our 2018-2019 Company Dancers!